5 Peaceful Paint Colors for your Home

One of the most common decisions faced by homeowners is what colors should you use when decorating your home. Standing in front of the wall of paint samples at Home Depot or your local paint store can be overwhelming. If you plan to repaint rooms in your home this year, why not pick a color that will positively impact your mood? Did you know that hues like bright red or neon green can subconsciously create stress in the body?

Below are five peaceful paint colors to up the “ahhh” factor of your favorite spaces.

While some may think gray is dull, it actually has been shown to be a soothing, stress-free color. Plus, it goes with nearly any accent hue, so you can get creative with accompanying colors.

Choose a gentle ocean blue in the bedroom for a restful night’s sleep. Known to reduce tension, opt for a lighter shade when choosing your blue.

A dusty purple can promote balance and inner peace. Make sure to pick a shade with more blue tones and less black for a relaxing vibe.

A rich, buttery yellow can brighten your spirits. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, paint your whole space or a singular accent wall and soak up that sunny disposition.

While a neon green can be alarming, a less bright shade (think forest or grass) can be calming and refreshing.

Don't be afraid of color - a bad choice can always be covered over with a fresh coat (or two) of new paint.

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