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Dated: March 12 2021

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Dear Residents,

In our area, we are expecting at least one foot of snow (possibly and likely more). Since this is a bigger snow storm then we have seen in years, we wanted to let you know of the snow removal policy and our plans for this weekend’s snow removal.

First off, in alleys where there is still construction equipment, because of current construction still occurring, these areas are the responsibility of the builders and we have met with each of the construction managers to ensure that snow removal will be occurring at these locations throughout the snow storm for homes that have residents living in them already.

Typically, for any snow storm, there is a 2” threshold in our contract to trigger the snow removal vendor to remove snow AFTER the snow has stopped falling with alleys being the first priority, border sidewalks (as well as leader sidewalks for paired homes (villas) and townhomes up to the porch steps and up to the courtyard fence for the Green Court homes) as the next priority followed by park walkways as the last priority. Painted Prairie is a top priority for our vendor IF we reach the 2” threshold, but if we do not reach this threshold, snow removal will not occur.

Now because of the size of this snow storm, we have made plans for multiple snow removal events to occur throughout the storm beginning about 5 a.m. on Saturday morning (assuming there is more than 2” at 5 a.m.). Multiple snow removal efforts will occur throughout the storm and so there may be times in between efforts where additional snow has accumulated. Please be patient, because as much as we’d like to try to accommodate everyone and put everyone first on the list for snow removal, we cannot do this, but rest assured, the snow removal vendor will be removing snow from your area shortly.

Since the streets of Painted Prairie are public streets, the metro district or the HOA is not responsible for snow removal on them and you would need to contact the City of Aurora, or review information on their website, for questions of their snow removal plan.

Attached is the snow removal map.

Please stay safe out there this weekend.

Advance HOA Management
On Behalf of the Board of Directors

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