Central Park (Stapleton) MCA Snow Removal Info

MCA Snow Removal Information

Based on current forecasting, we are expecting snow to start accumulating early Saturday and continue into Monday and could result in accumulation in
excess of 3 feet.

MCA crews will be out performing snow removal activities Saturday-Monday.

MCA crews will focus on opening alley access midnight to 6am on Sunday & Monday. (1 pass down the center of each alley). Heavy snow accumulation can result in drifting behind residential garages and can cause difficulty for some vehicles. Our goal is to ensure that each alley can efficiently drain throughout the melting process post storm.

MCA crews will focus on opening pedestrian access priorities during daylight hours, followed by parks. These activities will continue until all areas are clear.
If forecasts are correct expect snow to linger well into the middle of next week.
Please keep vehicles and trash containers out of the alleys during the snow storm.

Please use the MCA "contact us" forms on the website (www.mca80238.com) to identify any issues that we should be aware of.

To report residential sidewalks that fail to clear snow within 24 hours of the end of the snow storm please report to Denver 311 or Aurora (if south of 26th ave & east of Westerly Creek).

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