Painted Prairie Community Garage Sale Tips

What to Sell

  • To sell more, show more - do whatever is necessary to have plenty of merchandise on hand.
  • Clean out your house. Combine your sale with your neighbors’.
  • Large and small household goods, sporting goods, group sets, tools, clothes, furniture, baby items, toys, linens, automotive, jewelry, cosmetics, antiques and collectibles, and miscellaneous items.
  • Remember, it’s not junk if someone will buy it!

Community Garage SaleDisplaying your wares

  • Make a good first impression.
  • Have enough space to effectively display all merchandise.
  • Display area should be clean (and well-lit if inside). 
  • If you’re holding the sale inside your garage, cover items you’re not intending to sell with sheets or tarps so as not to confuse shoppers.
  • Each item should be as clean and attractive as possible. Shoppers will buy items that are not cleaned and polished, but only at giveaway prices.
  • Organize your materials so that shoppers will linger. The flow should move shoppers through items with the check-out station being the last stop.


  • Price should not compete with retail stores or antique shops. Typically, good quality items should bring 25-35% of their current replacement cost.
  • Use a quarter as the lowest denomination of your pricing - making change will be simpler and more efficient.
  • Leave room in price for negotiation.
  • Give quantity discounts.
  • Never give anything away unless it helps you sell something else.
  • If you are anxious to get rid of any item, price it accordingly.
  • Remember, your goal is to sell EVERYTHING and not bring it back into the house!


  • Mark prices clearly on every piece of merchandise.
  • Where appropriate, provide info about the item, such as “like new”, “never used”, “works fine”, or “needs repair.” This will help reduce the questions you’ll need to answer.

Set up a "Check out station" with...

  • Change box… and don’t forget to go to the bank before the sale to get some change!
  • Bags and newspapers for wrapping.
  • Sign-making equipment, including sign board or white paper, scissors, markers and scotch tape or duct tape for affixing signs.

After the sale

  • Clean up and take down any additional signs that you put up around the neighborhood.
  • DO NOT place items at the curb with a "FREE" sign - we've heard of other (not free) items getting taken by mistake
  • DO donate your useable unsold items. We try to partner with a charitable organization each year, and details are posted on the Garage Sale website.